Your hairstyle options are practically endless when it comes to our tape-in hair extensions, made of 100% European hair!

Tape-in hair extensions are thin, 1-inch wide pre-taped hair wefts, that get “taped-in” in between your own hair in “sandwich” like bonds. This method requires no tools or chemicals.

Tape-in extensions are the safest extensions you can get and won’t cause any damage to your own hair as long as you take care of them and brush gently at your root. With proper installation and care, our tape-in extensions can last up to six to eight weeks, before they need to be reapplied.  However, this will differ based on the individuals’ hair growth.

Our tape-in extensions are easy to use and they’re hassle-free. Once applied our extensions can be reused several times times. Because they are made of 100% real hair, you can style your extensions any which way you want. The hair can also be straightened and curled.

The top of the extensions are pre-coated with a medical-grade adhesive tape that your stylist will place at the root of your hair. From the moment your extensions are taped to your hair, they will not budge. Removal of your tape-ins are also easy;  professional technicians can do it in less than an hour, depending on how many extensions you want. The adhesive strip at the top of each extension gets sprayed with a solution that instantly dissolves the tape, allowing each panel to be safely combed out of the hair. Next, the panels are washed, given a conditioning treatment, and then dried. Each extension is then resurfaced with a new adhesive strip so it can get placed back in my hair that’s also been washed, cut, and blown out.

Hairstylist Rodney Cutler of Cutler Salon is a huge fan of tape-in extensions. “The benefits of tape-in extensions know no bounds,” says Cutler. “They are incredibly easy to apply and remove, don’t damage your hair, and look more natural because they lie almost completely flush against the head, whereas other types have thicker bases that stick out.”

You can opt for a half-head of tape-in extensions or a full head, depending on how long and full you need the hair to be. This product is available in a length of 20″ and 100gms – which is perfect for a full head application. Our tape-ins are also great for those with short hair.  One of the top reasons people get extensions is to add length. If you get them installed by a great stylist, they’ll be able to blend and place the extensions in a way to naturally incorporate with your shorter layers. Our extensions are a great solution if you’re looking to add volume to thin hair or if you’ve suffered from hair loss.

For these tape-ins, we’ve selected them in a beautiful lightest blonde shade from the Joico colour range. Every strand has subtle highlights and lowlights, giving the hair movement, dimension, and depth. It also ensures that the extensions blend with your natural hair. We also offer customised clip-on extension sets on request, giving you the option of selecting various other colours. Because the hair is 100 percent real, our team of technicians can match your colour and order the hair, although we do have many shades on-hand, ready to be used same-day.

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  • Hair: 100% Real European Hair
  • Product: Tape-In
  • Length: 20″
  • Colour: Natural Lightest Blonde (10N)
  • Tangle-free
  • Shed-free



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