This beanie wig is as cosy as it gets!

Beanie wigs are the easiest way to get longer, thicker hair in seconds – right at home without the need of a professional hairstylist, and literally at the slip of a hand.  Our beanie wigs have clips sewn on the inside of the beanie, and hooks attached discretely onto the hair attachment band.

Living with a bad haircut or hair that just won’t grow fast enough? This soft, knitted beanie not only keeps your head warm but comes ready-to-wear with thick and gorgeous 16 inch-long locks for instant hair growth gratification! This beanie wig will give you long hair without the wait, and instantly transform your hair from flat to voluminous for that sexy fullness you’ve been longing for. Best of all, our beanie wigs cause absolutely zero damage to your natural hair and can be worn every day. Graduated layers cut into the hair add movement and frame your face shape for an extremely flattering and natural look.

Whether you like sleek and straight hair or curls for days, this beanie wig can be worn in any style you want. Because it’s 100 percent European human hair, it can also be washed, straightened, curled, and heat-styled.

Modern and comfortable, beanie wigs are perfect for women and teens with hair loss due to cancer, alopecia, androgenic alopecia, thinning hair, chronic conditions or illness.

You can also interchange your look by buying another beanie of your choice from our beanie range already fitted with clips.

A more natural density means you will never look like you are wearing anything but your own hair!

This Tymeless piece is available in a stunning blend of red and gold shades by Joico LumiShine Natural Red Gold Collection (NRGC). There’s a hot look on the horizon: The Natural Red Gold Series, a family of shades infusing natural base tones with radiant warmth and reflections of gold. The NRG Series delivers long-lasting and luminous results for the most flattering wearable shades!

  • Slip-on
  • Beanie: 100% knitted (blended colours)
  • Hair: 100% European hair
  • Available in red gold
  • Hair length: 16″
  • Breathable
  • Non-tangle
  • Non-shed
  • Perfect for sensitive scalps
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