Our false eyebrows have a soft brow with a shallow arch that maintains the natural balance of your face. Whether you are suffering from skin conditions, hormonal changes, alopecia, undergoing chemotherapy treatment, hair loss due to ageing, or have been over-enthusiastic with tweezers, our brows can give you your eyebrows back!

Beautifully-groomed eyebrows are a lesser-known anti-aging secret. As one of the first things people notice when they look at you, no amount of makeup can atone for bad brows. Manicured brows give lift to your face and make your eyes appear larger and more youthful.

False brows are a great solution for ladies and gents wanting a more defined brow shape. Our beautiful stick-on eyebrows are made from 100 percent human hair to give you a natural look, which frames your face. You never have to worry about your eyebrows rubbing off like those traditional eyebrow pencils, stencils, or powders.

They are incredibly simple to apply. You will receive one sheet of one pair of brows in your selected shade. Simply cut around a pair, peel the back off and apply to where you want to adhere to. Once applied, our brows stay on until you’re ready to remove them!

Unsure of which shade to select? Our technicians are available should you require tailor-made brows for a perfect hair colour match. Simply book a complimentary appointment and we will help you find your perfect look.

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Produce Description
100% Human Hair
Type: Transfer Brow
Brow Colour: Natural Light Brown

Who Can Wear False Brows? You are best suited to false brows if you have complete brow loss or very fine brows.

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